Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jane Angel 2. English galeon.

We've faced the problem of unique start experience for players of JA2.There isn't a lot things could impress or surprise casual audience. So I've decided to make some old sail ship and intergrate it into the storyline. Player will start the game in mid XVI (approx.) on the board of English galeon (in the fact there wasn't too much big ships in Ebglish Royal Fleet till the victory over Grand Armada, mostly there were galleys). Unlike to Spanish there wasn't guidline for naming of English ships (for example most Spanish galeons were named after numerous Saints), so I name it "Royal Rage" (cause there are many cannons, even more then average Spanish galeon had). Actually this ship should be referenced to 3 historical prototypes: English "Jesus of Lubeck", Spanish "San Esteban" and Spanish "Nuestra Senoira de Atocha" (it is ship of XVII but also it is most detailed reference I found in Osprey books). I think it isn't problem to take references from two countries (deadly enemies btw), cause shipbuilding science was rooted from Italy both for Spanish and English ships.
We'll have game location both on the deck and under the deck so I had to make it with lot of details and I made. You can't see all of these details cause my pc just runs out of memory (about 3M polygons totally) and I'll render every particular location separetely. Well there is common view - right side.

it is really better to be seen in full-size: Bigger size (1600px)
3/4 view and two more views will be posted very soon.