Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jane Angel 2. Demo-version statistic.

We were blaimed to have lifeless game environement in Jane Angel. So I've put all my efforts on fixing this problem.

My flash work area:

so, totally there are 149 particles system there (2/3 of demo version)
and 256 unique bitmap elements in these particles systems.

Plus few facts:
- 55 game screens (in demo-version)
- plus 10 close-ups
- 69 interactive (moveable, useable...) entities
- 55 inventory objects (on 2/3 demo-version)

Considering developement. Delays, delays, delays... I can't imagine myself when it will be done. Unfortunetely. Only thing I could find positive is the fact that I'll add more "colorful" details into game world while we'll add all art into the game engine.
[one of examples is under the cut, 450Kb, swf]