Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New game. First render.

As I wrote before, we probably failed with first casual game. But I'm not the one who will give up! I was never given with something as a gift in this muthf*cking life :) So, game number 2 will be hit!
Beside jokes:
This time I have to make all location manually without any photo (maybe as reference :) ) - cause we'll make HOG combined with adventure (classic HOG isn't something earns Escalade). I took my 3D Max, got started with Vray and here we go. While Maxim is preparing for Holidays :) I got restless condition for week, but now I can render something like that (took a week - Vray learning, materials, lights, modelling (I wasn't able to find everything I need in 3D model stocks) and rendering (this one - 3 hours, 1600x1200 (got to do it because of noise). I also faced problem of rendering time - so I took notebook for modeling and Radmin for my PC controlling (the place where render lives). It is rendering, I'm modelling new content.

[bigger picture is under cut]