Monday, September 14, 2009

Scorpion:Disfigured cover art/ обложка

[For whom doesn't know who am I. I have idea to write down brief facts about my work as game developement and B-COOL (company where I was one of the founders)'s story soon. For the while look at one game titles]
Although B-COOL ( was killed isn't alive now and I'm living new life, it is hard to forget 4 years spent working there. So, it's not surprise that I'm still watching for Scorpion: Disfigured (only one game that was made by B-COOL) "after death" existence. So, I paid lot of my attention on cover arts for Scorpion (European, American an Russian versions) because of the fact I made couple of potential cover those times ( :) ) B-COOL was alive (btw having no more than 3 days for each one).

Well, European release (publisher is Atari Germany)

They took game logo I made

then it was raped for 30 minutes (estimated time as if I'm atari's designer). Scorpion sign was duplicated and hardly beveled as well as bullet's holes. I don't even talk about the fact that Scorpion hadn't heavy PR and what's message for customer who is standing and looking on this box?!

Same way American(publisher will be Mamba Games) boxshot was made (the game is just about to be released in USA).

Russian version (publisher is Akella) was created using one one of my images.

Collage is really ugly (I think) cause they all (atari and akella) had these images long time before they did covers (be sure to click on previews cause f*cking blogspot multimedia system doesn't allow to set up original jpeg compression for previews, btw it is really f*ck up for full-size pictures too cause I do it copying parts of links from Picasa cause I had to upload pictures there (compression rate is controllable unlike to Blogspot uploads)).

Next chapter will tell us about game site.